Giant Bug
Giant Image
Basic Info
Type Airtype Air
Color Peach
Special Info
Stage Difficulty Boss Appears on: Medium and Easy

The Giant Bug is a new boss monster introduced in PixelJunk Monsters Deluxe and Ultimate.

Habitat and AppearanceEdit

The Giant Bug appears on Gati Gati Island as the last monster in some stages such as Special 1: Air Raid Sirens. However, the Giant Bug has also appeared on Tiki Island as the boss in Special 2: Lines of Attack instead of the Earth Tower in the versions it was introduced in.


A notice on, warning about Scuttlers and the Giant Bug coming into other islands.

The Giant Bug is a large peach insect. Its chest has peach "robes" and a purple-ish plating. Its arms and legs are black and kind of segmented. It has two purple-ish antennae, two clear wings, and two gray wings. 

  • The Giant Bug's Flying Form
  • The Giant Bug's Leaping Form


Unlike the other monsters, the Giant Bug has two forms, Flying and Leaping forms. It intially spawns as the Flying Form, which can only be hit by towers that can hit air enemies, like the Hive Tower and the Laser Tower. However, when it is at half-health, its wings are destroyed, and lands. This is its Leaping form, after its wings are destroyed, it lands, and is frozen for a bit. Then, it proceeds to the flock, but can only be hit by towers that can hit ground, like the Arrow Tower and the Mortar Tower. This could drive new players offguard as they would initially think it to be a flying boss entirely. The Giant Bug will then proceed to leap using its legs towards your base. When it dies, same as the other bosses, makes a death cry, releases gas, and drops a mask.


The best start is with a lot of strong air towers, like Laser Towers, and keep some Cannons, Mortar, and Trap Towers. It is also best to have your air towers at red, purple, or black flags. Once it's damaged enough to change forms, the air towers are useless. Sell as much air towers as you can, mainly the black and purple flags to get gems. Then, using the extra coins from selling, make as many strong ground towers like Trap and Mortars.